Our Process

At Quality Build we are perfectionists when it comes to systems and processes.

Over the years we have developed and refined a unique six-step process to meet your needs, from the very first contact right through to when you get your keys and compliance certificates. We continue to fine-tune our process so that we can deliver our quality standard and value to all our clients, while keeping pace with best practice and market leading software.

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Smart Systems & Processes

We currently use Buildxact, a takeoff and job management software. Buildxact’s smart systems and processes ensure we can give you accurate estimates, excellent communication, and improved efficiency in delivering our projects. Via this system, we can get a real-time snapshot of your build at any point which reduces the chance of a budget blowout. It also comes with a dedicated client portal where we can share information with you, which means you can stay in control of your project and ensure there are no surprises along the way.

How Our Process Works


1. Explore

Initial Contact

  • First you complete a preliminary questionnaire so we can understand your requirements and gain further information regarding scope of works, your vision and timelines for the project, along with any concerns/questions you may have.
  • Here we discuss the potential design/planning and feasibility of your project.

2. Feasibility

Design & Planning

  • Following the onsite meeting, we would determine the level of involvement required from our team of professional advisors.
  • We work with top-rate trusted designers, quantity surveyors and subcontractors to ensure that we have all the bases covered to help you achieve your goals.
  • Here we gain as much information as we can to minimise any surprises during the project.



3. Costs


  • We issue a pre-construction contract outlining our cost analysis options.
  • Once we have a set of concept plans or working drawings, we can prepare a preliminary estimate or a comprehensive job costing from our quantity surveyor for a fee which we will refund if you engage our services.
  • From here we can set up a meeting to present our costings to you.


4. Prepare


  • We will prepare the building contract, any insurances, guarantees and health and safety documents.
  • Quality Build will create a detailed project schedule outlining relevant dates, project milestones and any items that you provide as a client e.g. bathroom fixtures, kitchens, paint colours, flooring.



5. Build


  • Once consent has been granted, we will organise a meeting to revise the consented plans. Here we can identify any changes or special requirements that may differ from the working drawings.
  • At this point we may need to update pricing or sort out any issues that may have surfaced.
  • The next step is Quality Build’s team of licensed qualified builders arrive onsite to start making your dreams a reality. We use Buildxact, a market leading project management software system to track your project every step of the way. 
  • Throughout the build we provide weekly updates regarding your job via email and your personalised client portal.


6. Complete

Post Construction

  • Once we’ve finished construction, we do a final walk through and our 1-year maintenance warranty begins.
  • Quality Build will ensure you receive all the required documents, warranties and guarantees. Following the final inspection, we can help you apply for your code of compliance certificate (CCC).
  • Once you’ve obtained your CCC, we issue our 10-year building guarantee.
  • Congratulations! Your dreams and visions are now a reality and you can relax and enjoy your new space.



Top Quality Results with Maximum Value & Minimal Waste

At Quality Build we are constantly evaluating our performance and looking at how we can stay at the top of our game and stand out from the rest. We take a long-term management approach to seek and implement small, incremental changes in our daily processes to make us as efficient and cost-effective as possible without compromising on results. 

No matter what your next build or home improvement project may be, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

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