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Certified Builders

Choosing your builder is by far one of the most important decisions you will make. Get it wrong and there could be serious consequences.  Get it right, and you are on your way to your dream home. By choosing a Certified Builder you take the risk out of the building process. A Certified Builder has the correct qualifications, knowledge and experience to take care of your most important project – your renovation or new home. The Certified Builders Association of New Zealand Inc. (CBANZ) is the organisation that ensures trade-qualified builders adhere to building guidelines, good workmanship and sound business practices. Only trade qualified builders can become a member of the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand Inc.  Checking that your builder is a member of CBANZ is your best bet to ensure peace of mind and a job well done.

Hazard Co

Health and Safety is crucial in our industry and Quality Build take it very seriously. Under New Zealand's new health and safety legislation policy, businesses are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace for staff, customers, and anyone else who might drop by. HazardCo offers easy-to-follow, effective plans to help companies minimize health and safety risks at work.


Here at Quality Build, we believe we have a responsibility to provide a positive pathway for upcoming tradesman. Teaming up with the BCITO allows us to not only provide the very best training but ensures that we are turning out exceptional tradesman. BCITO is the largest provider of construction trade apprenticeships in New Zealand. They are appointed by the government to develop and implement industry qualifications for the building and construction sector. 

Building Hub

Building is becoming more difficult each year. With constant updates to legislation and law, we like to surround ourselves with partners at the forefront of the industry to ensure we are always up with the play. Building Hub is a New Zealand business dedicated to inspiring and supporting New Zealand building practitioners for a better building industry. We bring together the best, most relevant and most up-to-date information to help the building industry grow and succeed.

Licensed Building Practioner

With the recent leaky building epidemic and the constant pressures of time and budget asserted onto projects these days it is crucial to engage a builder who is licensed to carry out work on your biggest asset. LBPs are building practitioners who have been assessed as competent to carry out building work essential to the structure or weathertightness of residential buildings.