My back-story is typical of many in the industry.  I left school young. Bounced around a range of different careers, but was regularly drawn back to the construction trades where my true interest lay. I worked a few years overseas to gain wider experience and upon return to NZ re-focused on building and gained a Level 4 National Certificate in Carpentry.

But soon after that my story takes a different path.

Once qualified I worked with a number of reputable builders on a variety of projects across Auckland. This gave me a great insight into how different businesses were being run and the type of services each builder was offering. During this time I was able to determine that quality, innovation, knowledge, efficiency and customer satisfaction were my main drivers. I decided that to be able to provide the quality package that I desired, I would need to call the shots.

This brought about the birth of Quality Build. I was now able to provide “Quality results through innovation and knowledge”. As a business owner I was now in control. I was able to recruit a team of professionals with skills and attributes that aligned with the culture and core values driving Quality Build. Together we developed a unique multi step building process. We believe that communication and education with our clients is paramount when building or renovating. We offer a comprehensive building process that manages your concerns, ideas and aspirations well before the project commences. This ensures that when the project gets underway we are able to deliver you what you want, on time and within budget.